Sunday, 12 October 2008

Knitting and Stitching show.

As I have a Smart car, I was doing the driving to Ally Pally, the view on the left is what I can usually see from my garden. The image above is what I woke up to! In spite of the thick fog we made it to A.P in an hour.
Nickie and I didn't have much on our shopping list, just the 2 books from Double Trouble and Maggie Greys new book.We enjoyed looking at, and taking photo's of Jan and Jean's work. This was the only stand that allowed photo's. Thank you Jean and Jan.
I bought:-

I enjoyed every minute of the K & S show, looking at the exhibitions and talking to the exhibitors, catching up with friends, and spending money!
At 4.45 Nickie and I called it a day, our backs were aching from the heavy bags, our feet were sore and our purses empty- well almost we had just enough for a 99 before the drive home in wonderful sunshine.
P.S. I did get the Maggie Grey book and the 2 new Double Trouble books, BUT I can't have them until tomorrow, as my husband has bought them for me as part of my birthday present.

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