Saturday, 11 October 2008


My catalogues are 'fermenting' nicely in the garden, and tomorrow
I am going to Allie Pallie to get my Maggie Grey book to find out what to do next.

While out in the garden with my camera saw this lovely
seedhead of 'Bears Breeches'. I love the colours and textures that you can see in Autumn.

Today Nickie and I went to Braintree to see the exhibitions by OTT
and EAST. Here is just a taster of some of the work. (The exhibition
finished today)
As soon as I saw the stones that Zoe Cox had stitched, I knew where she had found her inspiration and they bought back happy memories of my holiday in Cornwall. The stones have such distinctive markings, in fact I have one or two of them I bought home with me, waiting for me to use as a source of inspiration. I hope to win the lottery tonight so that I can but the large vessel by Zoe, it is wonderful! ( You should have seen her wellies!!!!)

Dot's dolls were a joy to look at. EVERYTHING to scale, the Kitkat bar, the map and when Dot opened it out it wasn't just a cover it was a real map! If you want to learn how to make dolls, Dot
runs classes.

It was then over to Braintree Museum to look at EAST's work. This exhibition also finished today, and if you didn't get there you have missed a treat. Nickie and I came out of there and we thought 'WOW!!!!!!'It was great to see the work of so many people we know from the Embroiderer's Guild and all of it made to a very high standard. There were so many wonderful pieces of work to see it would be hard to choose a favourite or even favourites. Jeanette Bright had a wonderful book continuing her research into Foundlings. Our tutor from Southchurch college, Julie Toppesfield has just joined the group and had 2 months to make her piece. For one of her pieces, Melinda had used the reflections of water as her inspiration. This was made from dyed fabrics that had been inserted into acrylic tubes. (The photo does not do it justice. )

Margaret Talbot, whose work we had seen at the 4x4 exhibition in London, has done some lovely work using rust and decay as her theme, if you did not know better you would swear it was metal and not fabric.
If you have missed the exhibition and want to see the work of June, Carol, Diane, Delia and the rest of the talented ladies, you have 2 options:-
1. Come and look at them on my computer
2. Go and view the exhibition at one of the two bookings they got, the Snape Malting's and I am afraid the I can't remember the other venue. (A senior moment!)
Well time for me to go and pack my bag ready for tomorrows outing. I can't wait!

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