Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Ladies that lunch.

It was lovely to be able to go out for lunch AGAIN today, ( I went out for lunch yesterday with my friend who is going stir crazy due to having a fall and breaking her arm) I very rarely get the chance to meet friends for lunch due to working in a school, so when it is a holiday I rush around trying to catch up with friends. Today I met Doreen-A.K.A. 'The Granny With the Gun and Licenced To Kill' as she is referred to in my house. I bumped into Doreen on a workshop with Pauline Verrinder at Belstead, ( we had met some years earlier at Watt Tyler Park, but not kept in contact.) She has now become a regular at our Schoolhouse Arts workshops but we never have time for a good old natter. Today we remedied that. We had lunch in the Beehive at Barleylands before shopping in Craft Arena. Denise has been very busy this weekend reorganising her shop.
Denise runs a loyalty card scheme, and as my card was full I was able to get 2 more reels of thread for my collection. I also had run out of Bondaweb, muslin and I am going to try some Mistyfuse.

It was then in to Sugar and Spice(would be rude not too), where I got some papers with hearts on ready to start developing the project for Schoolhouse Arts workshop for January.

Prior to meeting Doreen, I had popped into the P.D.S.A charity shop in my quest for books to 'Maggie Grey'. I shall find it hard to alter the books, as I have a BIG thing about books that have been defaced when I get them from the library. The first book is Antiques Roadshow, which if I have to alter, this book could make it easier.

The second book I bought is a book of Confucius sayings. This book is so lovely with symbols and line drawings in it, I think that I will have to search for another one to use instead! Total spent on the books £1.50.
(The little brown box is the one I shall be using, when in Craft Arena, Denise was unpacking a delivery, so I was able to recycle it for her)

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