Thursday, 16 October 2008

Finished A.T.C.'s

I have survived parents evening and got home just on 8.00. I have just put the finishing touches to my A.T.C.'s and photo's as promised, a day later than I had hoped.
This one is for the theme music. My inspiration was 'Rhapsody in Blue'.
The A.T.C. is much bluer, the photo does not show the true colour. Background fabric made from baby wipe, floor polish and inks. Machine
stitched text. Treble clef was made with felt and sheers, machine stitched and cut with soldering iron. The beaded edge is 'a'la Kemshalls'.
This A.T.C was made to represent intense colour with a 'fabric'
tissue, craft vilene and gesso, 'a'la Maggie Grey'. It was coloured with Golden acrylics. Machine stitched 'rays' on bonded circles of fabric. The 2 small red hearts are made with acetate, tissue inks and floor polish. Beaded edge as above.

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