Friday, 25 June 2010

Todays bargain.

If you are after some cheap beads, go to Primark. I found this necklace today reduced to £1, it would cost more than that to make it! I bought 2, one to wear if/when I get an outfit with these colourings and 1 to take apart. I have been dyeing sheers tonight in my microwave. I have used a combination of the new iDye I bought yesterday and Colourcraft transfer dyes. I now have a nice range of colours from jade to leaf green. Although I took a photo to show the colour range, the colours were not very good under artificial light. I will try again tomorrow before going to Y.E.


maggi said...

That's a real bargain. I managed to pick up a good one from the Red Cross shop the other day as well. Look forward to seeing your sheers.

Diane Kelsey said...

I had a good look in BHS at their necklaces yesterday, but only 50% off at the moment. I will wait until they have their Blue Cross sale.