Saturday, 26 June 2010

Dyed sheers.

My photo of the sheers which I couldn't get last night because of the artificial lighting. I can now get on with my panel as I think I now have enough different colours.
Libby couldn't make our Y.E. meeting today, so June was in charge today. The girls were making their entry for the Regional Day in two weeks time, we had some lovely work. I will post photos after the competition. When I got home I had a nice cup of tea on the deck and enjoyed the sunshine, doesn't it make you feel good?
Hubby and I took Kezzy and two of her friends out for a meal tonight to celebrate her birthday. We just went to a local pub that has a restaurant. When I eat out, I like to try something that I wouldn't cook myself. Nothing very different on the menu but what we had was well cooked and I am typing this feeling very full!


Diane Kelsey said...

I finally made it to the curtain shop in Moulsham St yesterday. I bought some lovely greens and oranges, but your dyed ones are far nicer.

ANNA said...

Lovely greens (my current work is only the 2nd time I have ever used green!!).
How did you dye the sheers?

Denise said...

Glad the IDye worked well! I'll have to try using them in the microwave myself!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stuff! Looking forward to the next stage.