Tuesday, 1 June 2010


It is time we all swapped our fabric in the RRC but as Margaret and Diane are off on holiday we wont be having a get together like we did last month. I have been trying to pluck up courage to cut Nickie's fabric all evening- but I will postpone that until tomorrow when I am bright eyed and bushy tailed! I am passing it on to Deb on Thursday so no more time to dally.
I popped into Craft Arena this afternoon to get the new issue of QA and also got Sew Somerset, I have never had this magazine before but I have seen adverts for it and it looks good-I will let you know if it meets up to my expectations. Nickie and I are off to Missenden at the weekend for another workshop with Hilary Bower, so I am saving them for our bedtime reading.
It has rained all day today and I have found out that Dijanne wants a photo of my KISS project so I hope that it is sunny tomorrow.

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Diane Kelsey said...

Have fun at Missenden, looking forward to seeing your work.