Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Tonight I have started on my Flower Power panel (at long last, and not got very far). It is nearly 60 inches long, and I have drawn the images onto water soluble film with a permanent pen. I don't have a very big working area and it is a bit of a squeeze working on something so long as well as having my large box of sheers out. The reason for not doing very much work on the panel, is that is is my youngest daughters 15th birthday today. She had a hospital appointment straight after I finished work for her brace to be tightened. Friends and family came round to see her it once we were home, and it was very late by the time I cooked the evening meal. As it was such a nice evening we had our meal on the deck watching the sun go down and unwinding.

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chrissythreads said...

Happy birthday to your daughter- its a date we share.