Monday, 28 June 2010


I couldn't resist showing you my Gunnera plant that grows in out bog garden, it has a huge flower spike and when you get close up
look at all that texture!
I haven't had a chance to repair the damage to my flower panel pattern tonight, I have been out with Nickie instead. She was doing a workshop for E.H.A. (Essex Handcrafts Association) in Billericay. As her life has not been running smoothly, I offered to go along and be her 'gofor'. We had a lovely evening, they were playing with water soluble paper walnut ink and acrylic paint to make a small panel. I didn't get the chance to get my camera out of my bag to take photo's of their finished work.;0(


Diane Kelsey said...

Glad you were there to support Nickie. You really are a great friend.

Miriam Weaver said...

As Diane says, good you are there for Nickie. When you next see her give her a hug from me.


Love your "texture"! So lovely and inspiring for a piece of art work. I have never seen a plant like that before.