Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Tonight's exercises.

I had to create a scene from a magazine or postcard without a paintbrush. I used natural sponge, cotton reel, an old dry baby wipe, lolly stick, coffee stirrer, cotton bud, pipe cleaner and credit card. Below is the image I tried to re-create from the magazine Lonely Planet. Loved every moment!

Also did a drawing exercise, and used the same vase as before, it's hard I find, getting the sides even.
Also did a bit more painting on this piece of fabric for the ALQS4, using Hundertwasser again for my inspiration.



Oh wow Sharne! Love the painting. Also love your drawing of the vessel. It may have uneven sides but also has a beautiful charm about it. Thank you for showing us :o)

liniecat said...

Smashing interpretation of the african tree, must try the creating without a brush, and am def going to have go back to finger painting, havnt done that since I was a child I reckon!
Guess the fact that it is so hard to define an edge not using a brush, makes it all the more incredible that cave art looks so much like, what they were probably drawing back then!
Nice work, no wonder your enjoying doing it lol