Monday, 17 May 2010

Carole Waddle

Embroiderers' Guild tonight, where has the last month got too? Our speaker was Carole Waddle, and 'Art on the Rocks' was the talk.
Carole gave us a 'guided tour' of the Grand Canyon with a slide show and we were able to see for ourselves from where she was inspired to create her work.
Carole (in black, below) was very generous with her information on how she created her work.

A piece of her work in in this exhibition at East Grinstead, not sure that I will be able to get there though, another busy weekend ahead.

Lorna from FET, bought her 'shop' to the Guild and I was able to get some King Tut threads for my ALQS4 piece, not that it's ready for stitching yet!

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Miriam Weaver said...

Oh No! I cant believe I missed the meeting. I'll make an extra effort to get there next month.