Thursday, 6 May 2010


One of my favourite artists is Hundertwasser. For my latest piece of work I had to do for my Art Course was to use the work of a famous artist and recreate it so I chose 'Hide Under The Meadow- It Begins To Rain'. This is my version, the picture I worked from is below. To recreate it, I used soft pastels, Brusho with rock salt, Indian ink, drawing inks, card making ink pads, felt tips, sketching pens, acrylic and water colour paints, Smooch, wax medium, nail varnish and Inktense pencils. I have painted, sponged, speckled, stamped, stencilled and coloured. Really enjoyed experimenting!

When I got home from work, my book by Sue Rangeley had arrived, lots of OOOHHHHHSSSSS!!! between the covers. Nickie popped round for coffee and some Rocky Road and had look at it too, it wont be long before one is on its way to her.

Maggie very kindly included a gift with the book of some sheers and sequins-thank you Maggie!


Pixiewinkle said...

Your painting is brilliant- just as nice as the original. Love all of the media you used.

Diane Kelsey said...

Love the painting! My book arrived too. I didn't think that I had a present from Maggie, but late last night when I was tidying up, I noticed it in the empty envelope.The book has some wonderful pictures and pieces of work.

Gina said...

You painting is brilliant... prefer to the original!


Lovely painting! You did a wonderful Job on recreating a new version:)