Sunday, 2 May 2010

KISS project completed

I have been up very late all this week so that I could finish my piece for the KISS project by the end of April. A photo of the completed piece as promised. I have really enjoyed stitching it, I have stitched it at my mothers, on the train, at the counsellors, at school, at the hospital, at Barleylands where I bumped into Nickie and persuaded her to part with more money than she had intended!) and of course at home. I am not sure what happens next-still waiting to hear.
This is the box of threads I have used on the project, I used two different coloured threads in the needle for stitching the sky.

Today, I have sorted out my play room looking for a pattern for Nickie, I couldn't find it, but at least I now have a few feet of clear space for an hour or so. My Grandsons called in just as I was straight, and played with a fishing game I bought them yesterday-£2 well spent and lots of fun(and it didn't break!). As it was pouring with rain, we put a bowl on the kitchen floor, the weather wasn't going to put a dampener on our Bank holiday!
Then Nickie popped in to show me her wonderful piece of work that she has just finished and framed-looks fab!
It was then time to visit my friend as it is her birthday today and I had to take her pressies down to her, lovely to see her and have a natter.
I need to sort out some hand stitching for tonight as Lewis is on again, one of the very few programs I watch!


Diane Kelsey said...

Lovely to see the finished article. The stitching really is effective. I hope that you will still have it on Tuesday evening, so that I can see it in the flesh.


Your KISS quilt is absolutely stunning Sharne and that fishy game looks a lot of fun. They are the best sort of games :o)

Hope you had better weather today. It's been sunny here but very chilly in the shade. I'm being a couch potato this afternoon trying to catch up with everyone's blogs. So many to get round these days :o)

If you hear anything about KISS let me know and I'll do the same :o)

Have a good week

Kayla coo said...

Beautiful quilt,love your colours.x

Emmy said...

thanks for visiting my blog I just love your Kiss project
I will follow you from now on