Monday, 3 May 2010

I love three day weekends!

After doing all my usual chores around the house, and a spot of gardening, it was time to do some work for my Experimental Art E Course that I am trying to do. It is a very good course but I am well and truly behind because of getting my KISS project finished by the deadline!
Anyway, today I managed to complete 4 of the exercises, 3 drawing and one playing with paper. I cut a Wall Street Journal newspaper into strips (stocks and shares pages) and wove them together and then backed it with tissue paper. Painted with Brusho and cut out words about the economy from he newspaper and painted them red to represent the terrible financial mess our world is in. Stitched in a random zig-zag to represent the ups and downs of the stock market. Enjoyed this exercise. Then some more work with my sheers, this started off as a sample, but as it fits around this candle holder, it might have a new lease of life!

This is the inside looking down, the air as been a bit blue here as I am hand stitching with invisible thread. I am now about to start looking for beads in the right colours to embellish the centres.

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