Sunday, 9 May 2010


Had a great time playing on the embellisher today. We wound sheering elastic under tension onto a metal frame, wrapped fabrics on top and then embellished. My shirring elastic broke half way through, so didn't get the result I was supposed too, so I started to make a fabric cuff for someone at work.
The beads I bought yesterday were not really the right colours in daylight. Bonnie who is a member of FET has taken my samples away with her to get the right ones from me as she has a good bead supplier close to where she lives. As I couldn't do the beading on my flowers, I have done another exercise for the on-line art course. I had to cut out images from a book, which I find very hard, luckily there was a 2nd hand book stall at Cottenham, so I was able to but a distressed child's book to use.

Amelia is running this course again in June if you are interested in having an excuse to play with paints, papers and glue etc.


Diane Kelsey said...

Cutting up a book, that must have been very difficult. The Works have a lovely Alice in Wonderland book with original illustrations for £5.


I would be interested to hear more about what you were doing with the shirring elastic and wrapped fabrics on the embellisher. Are you going to have another go? I loved your interpretation of the Hundertwasser painting too. Lovely!

Have a good week
Carolyn ♥