Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A very lazy Easter

I have been down to my mothers for a long weekend.  I was intending to blog Thursday night and wish everyone a Happy Easter but plans to take Kezzy and Mitch to Dovercourt on Friday changed late Thursday afternoon, so it was a frantic dash to get them sorted and packed up to be ready to leave after our evening meal.
It has been strange to be child free for so many days-feels like I have gone deaf!!!LOL  It has been a very relaxing break, sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine.  We took mum to Olney for the day on Saturday, she always enjoys our trips there but will never drive there herself.
The picture above,  is the pathway through the trees to get to the pond at the bottom of the garden.  This was originally just a bare field that cattle grazed in until my mother bought it.
My brother has quite a few projects going on around the garden.  This is the start of the new kitchen garden.  He has had to enclose the area with netting to keep out the pigeons, rabbits and mountjacks. 
After picking the children up from Dovercourt, we drove onto Harwich to take photos of the setting sun.

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Miriam Weaver said...

Glad you had a lovely relaxing time! It just made it perfect having such good weather.