Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Another book has been started tonight, this one is for Nickie.  She found this serviette yesterday, and because of the pattern, I am making it into a long thin book.
I got lovely messy hands, colouring the pages with Brusho.  I had plans to do a lot more creating today, but as always happens when you plan to do something, it often goes pear shape.  Although Kezzy has broken up for her Easter holiday, she had to be in  school today and again tomorrow for extra help in readiness for her GCSE's.  No school bus, means that I have to take her there and back.  Today we also had a visit to the hospital for the orthodontist, and for some me time, off to visit a friend for coffee.
Tonight, has been spent form filling, forms for Mitch to get help at College when he starts in September with his Dyslexia, 2 job application forms and last not least a form so that he can vote in the Referendum.  Hence the need to play with glue and paint!!
Can you believe how quickly this cake is disappearing???


Jensters said...

Wow what a wonderful serviette and great colours for your pages.....good luck with the forms for Mitch they seem to want us to go over and over again with forms Hey! As for jobs i got turned down for 1 out of 4 yesterday...just keep trying hey x

Iz said...

Run off your feet! I can see the need for paint and glue time! What paper do you use for your pages?