Thursday, 28 April 2011

Orange, blue and red.

I have been playing with paper and glue, great fun.    I have a friend coming round Saturday to make some guest books for her wedding later on in the year.  We need to make two as she is getting married in South Africa and having a blessing over here.  I thought I had better have an experiment to work out exactly how we are going to create these books.  I will post a picture of the finished book later on in the week.

Completed this last book for Regional Day (75 days away), I am not making anymore  at the moment, as I now need to make yards of bunting before our next Committee meeting.  Che Guevara is coming along, machined background nearly complete, but run out of the main colour thread, so will JUST HAVE to go to Barleylands to get some more on my way to the bank to sort out a problem. 
 I have been having trouble with a Mobile phone company, who 2 months ago, took out of my bank account over £100 more than I asked them too, the foreign gentleman had a job to understand my instructions.It's  not my phone bill and they wont give me my money back, in spite of numerous and very, very long phone calls.  I have been finding it quite hard to remain polite and not to make the air blue. The account I used is where I put any money I am given for my birthday etc, so not a lot of money in there, and I use it to buy my paints and threads etc.  Their error had nearly made me go in the red -not impressed!!!!! 

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Regina said...

Oh dear...why is it that folks can take our money really fast without any problems BUT ask them to give it back takes forever!!! I have had the same thing happen...keep at them and let the bank straighted it out for you.

I love the little cute!!!