Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Couldn't resist these.

Another day of not seeing the inside of my house.
Mitch and I walked up and down Billericay High Street, actively seeking a job for him.  He has handed in 3 job applications and go one more to do tomorrow.  I found these paper serviettes in the Cook shop, so tonight, instead of stitching Che........

I cut up and coloured some more paper to make pages and...
 started some more covers.  Nickie's book seagull cover has had 2 coats of acrylic wax and is now ready for the next stage.
All being well, I do not have to 'taxi'anyone, anywhere tomorrow, so I can make all the books (fingers crossed) in one session. 
I spent the afternoon with my elderly friend.  I was going to stay for an hour, but he had had a minor op' this morning and needed some company.  He is so interesting to listen to, the time just flew.

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Linda said...

The books look great Sharne ...I especially like the seagull cover.

Good luck to Mitch with the job hunting.