Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Special times.

 I was asked to babysit again today, ;0) only the one Grandson though.  We had a lovely time, snuggled in my sewing chair, reading books.  The cover on this book fascinates Zach and he never tires of me reading it to him.
Also managed to do some a little stitching as well tonight.
Due to a few problems, my young 'lodger' will be staying a bit longer than was originally planned.  Never a dull moment!!


Gina said...

The second picture of your grandson is a treasure... he's so totally enthralled by the chameleon... it's lovely.

Diane Kelsey said...

Have they booked B&B for next Christmas? We had a friend come for a weekend and he stayed 8 months!

artymess said...

lovely times ....i haven't been given the gift of grandchildren yet ..can't wait though .......xx