Monday, 3 January 2011

As the sun was shining this morning, I have been able to take some photos of a few of my presents.
Mum made this cushion for my armchair in the lounge, it has very deep seats and this should make it a lot comfier to sit there when I am doing my hand stitching.

When my brother was in India filming the Commonwealth Games, he saw this jacket  and thought of me.  You can see by the small photo of the detail, that it is covered in rows of hand stitching.  I cant wait to wear it.

He also bought me this beautiful scarf, it is so delicate, I shall have to be very careful it does get damaged when I wear it.                                                                                                                                                                                     
Christmas has now been packed away, and  we even managed to do some tidying in the garden today. Seeing the sun makes you feel much more enthusiastic to tackle those chores!


Libertybelle said...

Happy New Year!
The scarf and jacket look lovely- I look forward to seeing you wearing them!

smarcoux said...

Hi Sharon

oh nice jacket the stitching on itis called Kantha stitching adn I know this because Dijanne Cevaal uses this alot .