Saturday, 8 January 2011

Butterfly Effect

Look what arrived in my post today!
My book from Trudi that I won in her Butterfly Effect Giveaway.  It contains art work  and poetry from the children who were in Terezin Concentration Camp.  It is a very touching and moving book.
  ''15,000 children under the age of fifteen passed  through this camp only 100 survived ''
All those young lives lost in only 2 years!!!!( between 1942-1944)
 All the .butterflies that Trudi collects will be sent on to the Holocaust Museum in Houston click here to see the latest butterflies that have winged their way to Trudi.  Each butterfly will be used to represent one innocent life lost.  Have you taken part yet????
Trudi also enclosed these cards as well.   Thank you so very much Trudi!!!


Regina said...

Beautiful and a what a precious memory that will let those little souls live on.


Jensters said...

So sad Sharne those poor children...what a thoughtful idea x