Sunday, 16 January 2011

Paint, fabric and thread. :0)

 I have not made any patchwork blocks since finishing my C&G, but I have really enjoyed making these basic blocks for the Oz comfort quilts appeal, the Moda fabrics are so colourful.  I have only completed three so far, as although I didn't want to, I had to go exploring in my large packing crate to look for backing fabric.( I cant get the lid back on now!)  I would like to post off six blocks to start with, not sure what the postal charges will be.
I have also done a bit more to my Calendar journal, not falling behind YET!!!
Last but not least, I have painted a piece of fabric ready to start work on my ALQS5. 


Diane Kelsey said...

Will you get the patchwork bug again? Your calendar Journal looks lovely. I'm hoping to work on the sketchbook challenge tonight and next week.

Julie said...

I like the sound of painted fabric for the ALQS quilt :-) Your blocks for Oz look great, I intend to make some myself, ooh, and I've just realised what I can use for a base stabiliser so I'll get my fabrics out tomorrow.

Linda said...

The blocks look lovely Sharne, colours are gorgeous. I also love the look of your journal. I hope it helps keep track of projects throughout the year. Can't wait to see your next project...........painted exciting. BTW, I spend half my life trying to get the lids back on boxes.......LOL..