Monday, 24 January 2011

Kitchen up date

For my piece for OWOH, I have decided to re-visit Hundertwasser.   Instead of just using fabric and stitch, this time I will be making it with mixed media.  So far I have used paper from the Wall Street Journal and an old book, scrim, Dyna-Flo paints, Crafty Notions Colour Sprays as well as fabric and thread. A  poisoned thumb has slowed me down a bit today, and now I have lanced it, I hope that it will be easier to hold my needle tomorrow.
Hubby has finished tiling the wall behind the cooker and will be grouting it next weekend.  I am happy with my choice of tiles, you never know when you see a small sample, how it will look when it is on the wall. 


My Sweet Prairie said...

WOW is that ever neat!

Diane Kelsey said...

Lovely tiles, and how lucky you are to have a handy DIY hubby. I hope you like cleaning, I love the effect of my stainless steel tiles but the are HIGH maintenance. Worth it though!!!

Regina said...

Oh dear...take care of that thumb..perhaps a few soaks in some warm Epson salts will help take the infection out.

Love your OWOH piece...I need to get started on mine...have all the materials out..just need to put them all together.

The kitchen is looking AWESOME!!


Miriam Weaver said...

Love the kitchen, the tiles look really lovely. Look after that thumb, very painful.

Julie said...

Ouch! That sounds very painful! The tiles look great! Clever DH.


Love your tiles! Your hubby did a great job! Can I borrow him?
Also your give away piece is turning out wonderfully! Hope the thumb is better soon!

Anonymous said...

The kitchen is looking the cooker. Poor thumb!