Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Oz comfort quilts- help needed.

I have been catching up on reading a few blogs and following a link, came across this one here.  Jan  is asking for help with making comfort quilts for those poor people who have lost everything in the floods down-under.(She organised a similar event for supporting the people involved in the bush fires two years ago)  I hope to make some  squaresthis weekend if I can unearth my fat quarters that are lurking in the bottom of a packing crate, if not I'll just have to pop to Barleylands- what a shame.  Every square will help!!


Regina said...

What a wonderful thing to do and to be involved in.


Diane Kelsey said...

I will speak to the girls at Ladybugsq to see if they will help!

MyrtleHernandez said...

i like your blogs..

Linda said...

Hello Sharne, sorry to have been absent from your blog for a while. I love the threads/beads/sequins you purchased, such pretty colours.

Thank you to your friends for the kind and thoughtful way they are reaching out to those who have suffered loss in this dreadful disaster. Thank you too for visiting my blog and expressing your concern for those in need.