Monday, 29 March 2010


After YE, I then drove to my Mother who lives near Buckingham, about 2 hours away on a good day. My luck was in, the M25 was running smoothly. A lovely girly evening with lots of chatting and chocolates!
By staying with my Mother I didn't have to leave for Birmingham until 8.30. Another good drive.
One of the first exhibitions I saw was these wonderful felt hangings by the Scottish Heritage Standards. This one looked like it had been painted, the colouring being so subtle.
I enjoyed the fashion show even though I wouldn't have been able to wear anything that was being modelled, some very talented students.

This won first prize in the Maderia UK competition, Glimpses of the Swinging
Sixties. So much to look at in this piece, very clever!
I visited all the other exhibitions, but can't post any pictures as I said to theexhibitors that all my photo's would be for personal use only-sorry!
A quick natter with Lynda Monk very busy demoing on AVG, I also attended the lecture by Jane Hall.

I just missed Dionne Swift's talk, but I did make a devore sample which is dyeing at the moment, I will post a photo later when it is washed and dried. I thought there was a lot of messing around to this technique, but Dionne made it very straight forward.

It is the first time that I have been to this show and because there were three shows under the one roof I found PLENTY to see, not leaving until the show closed at 5pm.
What did I buy? I will post that in my next blog.


Julie said...

Glad you had a good time at the show.:o) I was sorry not to be able to meet up with Lynda Monk as I went Thursday. We could have said Hi too!

JP said...

glad youhad a good day - i was on a devore course with dionne - it wa sexcellent - i think you were quite restrained with your shopping!

Dionne Swift said...

Sharne...just found this photo of me...yikes it was at the end of a long & busy 4 days, I look like I needed a good cup of tea! [or something stronger]
Really glad your devore sample came out so well.
I've started blogging now too - it takes a while to get into the habit, but if you want to see what I'm up to...take a gander.
I'll have alot more devore workshop in the New Year that help you to takle the process further + a book!!
Hope to see you at the NEC again...I'll be there, I hope to have work in the fshion show this time too.
All the best Dionne