Friday, 12 March 2010

A busy few days ahead.

Off to Cottenham tomorrow for our meeting of FET ( an early start), we are going to be doing something with velvets;0).When I get home, I am then babysitting my two grandsons so my daughter can go out and celebrate her birthday with hubby and friends- a late night!
Then up early again on Sunday as I am driving to Buckingham to see my mother(about a two hour drive, M25 permitting)
Monday Kezzy has an appointment at the hospital- a pre-op assessment for her operation next month on her teeth, then Monday night is EG and we have Mary Sleigh coming to our Branch.

Nothing more to show yet for my Round Robin, I am really enjoying doing the research on the America's, I shall hope to do something on Tuesday towards making my cloth.


dianehobbit said...

Enjoy your weekend, the workshop at FET sounds exciting. See you Monday.


Did you see Lynda's post about your vessel? Hope you are having a good few days Sharne