Monday, 15 March 2010

Mary Sleigh

One of the girls at work bought me in a Russian newspaper, I have been wanting one of these for some time, just for the font. I don't have anything planned that I needed it for just an offer that I couldn't refuse. I took Kezzy to the hospital for her pre-op assessment and everything is in place for her to have her teeth out on 9th April, luckily it's in the school holiday so I wont have to have time off work.
Three more mini sock monkeys turned up at our Guild tonight, they are being made by our members for our Regional Day tombola next July.

Mary Sleigh was our speaker tonight and we have all gained a lot of knowledge from her. She had some wonderful jewellery and slides to show us. I used African textiles as a design source when I was doing my C&G a few years ago.

This is a very small picture of a sari bought back from India by Mary, made from silk gauze and very fine hand embroidery by young girls ages 16-20, it was stunning!

I was lucky enough to win this turban cloth that Mary had donated. We have a lady who provides very wonderful raffle prizes for our Branch, the draw back is, that if you win you have to make something with your prize and bring to the next meeting, winning this prize counts me out of that!:0)

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