Monday, 29 March 2010

Devore sample.

It was an expensive start to my day this morning- a visit to the opticians and I need new glasses;0( then in to school to get paperwork sorted for the beginning of the new term.
As you can see I have posted my devore sample- this is how it was made:-
The viscose velvet was taped to the table right side to the table. The devore paste was then used to draw the pattern over the back of the fabric, (words have to be written in reverse).
Left to dry. When completely dry, using a hot iron, iron the back of the fabric. Wash and dry. Dye. I used raspberry and mid blue. The devore fluid flowed quite quickly and to get better control next time, I need to keep the bottle more upright.
This evening I have made this very large tag for my daughters wedding anniversary using my new Paper Artsy stamps.

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Janet said...

That fabric technique is interesting. I like the colors you used and the love/peace words....made me think of all those great graphic fabrics from the 60's!

The tag is beautiful! Love the stamps.

Thanks for your visit and your comment at my blog.