Friday, 26 March 2010

2 sleeps to the NEC

My initial idea for my 60's/70's wall hanging was to work in sheers, making a 'film strip' of a famous face to represent certain years. I then decided that I had seen quite a few textiles using film strips in different ways, so I am having a re-think. As I had started this sample before reaching this decision I thought I might as well finish putting it together- glad I did, as I have learnt how hard it is to stop sheers slipping when trying to cut a long edge with a soldering iron! (I have already machined stitched this picture of Twiggy, just love it!)

These are the books I have been delving into over the last few days.

A busy weekend ahead- off to YE tomorrow, then I was going to visit Margaret to swap our RRC fabric, but as I have had a chest infection, and I didn't want her catching it I am not going until next week. Nickie and I were going to the NEC on Sunday but she has had to drop out due to family visiting, so I shall drive down to mums tomorrow after YE, have some girly time with her and then on Sunday, drive onto the NEC which is then only an hour away! Looking forward to seeing the Fibrefusion exhibition and seeing whats new. I don't have a shopping list this time but I am going to be looking for some machine threads for Nickie.

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Denise said...

Hope you are feeling better now. I went to the NEC yesterday (Friday) and had a great time! The Fibrefusion exhibition is brilliant - loads of inspiration for my C&G there and at the rest of the exhibition. Enjoy!