Sunday, 21 March 2010

More signs of Spring

The first flower on my Camelia was a welcome sight this morning.
Kezzy had to make a texture collage for her art GCSE, so we went round the house and garden and she took quite a lot of photo's which I then showed her how to make into a collage with Flickr.

My miniture daffs have bloomed with all the warmth too. It was so mild that we had a cup of tea on the deck this afternoon and watched the horses in the field behind our garden. This evening has been spent naming and packing all Kezzy's kit for her week away with the ATC's, she has to take so much it will be a job to shut the case when we put the final bits in on Wednesday morning!


dianehobbit said...

You need to take everything just in case, but I bet most of it will come back unused. It will all still need washing though. I hope she has a lovely time, she is lucky that her school are supporting this fantastic adventure.


A beautiful bloom to mark the official start of Spring. It's pouring with rain here in St. Ives, hope you have a lovely week Sharne


Amelia said...

I feel so happy seeing all these signs of spring after such a tough winter! Did my garden yesterday and it felt so good especially to feel a little more sunshine!


PS, thanks for the follow :)