Thursday, 19 February 2009

You Tube

This is the very plain and unexciting Fedora hat I bought from a fancy dress shop for Saturday. (A Blues Brother's hat, love that film)

Last night as I mentioned in my previous post, my OH attacked it with some fabric paint for me. As I had done my C & G in patchwork and quilting, it seemed the obvious choice to have a patchwork coloured hat. I am all set now for Textiles in Focus.

Tonight, after I gave it a second coat of paint, I asked him very nicely, to put on some 'stitch lines' for me.
I mentioned in a post that my brother was going after a job on the Great Barrier Reef, here is the link if you want to see his video:-
It is only 59 seconds long.
Only 2 days until the closing date for applications.

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Gina said...

Great Hat! Good luck to your brother - it sounds very exciting.