Friday, 20 February 2009

This 'n' that

I've had a great time adding the embellishments to my hat, not sure how long I will be able to wear it without getting fed up with the cottonreels dangling down!

I have also started to machine stitch the trees on to the fabric I painted. It is the storm battered trees at Sutton Hoo. Lots more stitching yet. I have also finished stitching the figure of Kokopelli today, I will do some more on that piece of work tomorrow
This morning it was off to Basildon Courts to get the next stage of my small claims saga sorted. There is no guarantee that we will get our money after all this!!! Justice!!!!!!!

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Wendy Coyne said...

I recognise that hat. It was great to see you all wearing your creations and if you intended us to smile, it worked :) Thanks for stopping by to say hello