Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Today started with a 'quick dash' to Basildon to get the bits I needed for the workshop I am teaching at Cottenham on Saturday. I needed some disposable gloves so popped into the Pound shop where I found these games, just waiting to be attacked with alcohol inks etc. I bought 2 of each, just in case! There are 100 letters in the crossword game-bargain!!!!!!
It was then on to Barleylands and Craft Arena, to get threads, paint and craft vilene.(Sarah Lawerence is doing a workshop there in May)

In between having my oldest daughter pop in for coffee (its one of the things I love about being on school holiday is getting to see my grandchildren more often) taking younger daughter to the beauty salon, cooking the evening meal, addressing and posting off the Embroiderer's Guild Contact magazines, I have been preparing the kits for Saturday. Because I am running out of space in my playroom, I had to make them up on my bed. (I will have to stop buying the bargains- no, on second thoughts, I just need more shelves.)
This is what my class are making on Saturday, a mixed media postcard.


linda stokes said...

Looks like a lovely workshop project. I can never resist bargains that I think will be useful in my work either - they're taking over my house!
Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Gina said...

THANK YOU so much for the book! It was such a lovely surprise - so kind! I hope the workshop goes well on Saturday. Sorry I won't get to see you but I'm going along on Friday.