Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow stopped play

This was the scene from my bedroom window yesterday, a day to stay in and hibernate .
today, was a different matter, the sun was out the air was wonderful so I went for a walk across the fields with my daughter and my two grandsons on their sledges.

Then back home for Winderemere Warmers!
(hot chocolate, brandy and squirty cream) it warms you from top to toe!

I have been experimenting and making some background fabrics,
this one is scrim-plasterers and bandage and tissue paper bonded with P.V.A. When dry covered with gesso. Coloured with dynaflo and walnut ink. I have started to f.m.s. but I will put this away as U.F.O., I might make book covers with it at a later date.

This one is calico and cottonwool bonded with diluted P.V.A, coloured while wet with dynaflo. I am now going to hand stitch over the swirls.

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Julie said...

Looks like you had fun Sharne and the Windermere Warmer sounds delicious! Beautiful fabric paper.