Saturday, 21 February 2009

Textiles in Focus

What a great day I have had. The workshop went well and everyone seemed to enjoy it,(inspite of the sleepless nights, I woke up at 3.30 this am and thought of ANOTHER 5 things I needed to add to my bags for 'just in case!) and as you can see from the slide show, they did some wonderful work. It was good to see so many variations of the postcard.Thank you ladies for being such a great class! As I was demonstrating I gave the ladies plenty of options so that they could do their own thing. After a quick lunch in the sunshine Nickie and I had to do some stewarding, Nickie was on the Fen Edge Textiles stall and I manned Mary Sleigh's while she gave her lecture. Of course any day out isn't complete without spending some money. I bought the Lizzie Houghton book on felt, and some odds and ends from Art Van Go. Sharon Osbourne was busy demonstrating throughout the day and Sleaford Embroiderer's were exhibiting their work as well. Oh, and I just had to buy a tiny little notebook from the Fibrefusion stall! It's a good job it is nearly pay day!

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textilesqueen said...

Hi Sharne
I enjoyed our workshop yesturday at Textiles In Focus and it was a great surprise to see myself on your blog. I will e-mail you a pick of my final card once it's finished. Alex