Sunday, 8 February 2009


It was off to Cottenham today for a Regional committee meeting for the Embroiderer's Guild. Also at the meeting was fellow blogger Gina, (knitting another pair of socks in the lunch break)and Sue Cranwell who gave a talk to our group the other month (December). Nickie and I had to take our bits for Textiles In Focus as we wont be there until the Saturday. I finished my entry for the McMillan fund raiser, we were asked to donate a piece of textile with the title 'Spring'.
I have gone 'outside the box' and used the Native Indian figure of Kokopelli. A lot of legends surround this figure. He is said to carry seeds of all the plants and flowers of the world in his bag that he carries on his back and he scatters them every Spring, while playing tunes on his instrument. His flute is said to be heard on the Spring breeze, driving away the cold harsh winters as he heralds in the Spring. Childless couples
would pray to Kokopelli for the gift of offspring. I could go on, I love doing background research when starting a project.

The background is the cotton wool fabric I made the other day, and has had all the stamped spirals reworked in chain stitch., with the occasional star sewn in as well.

The figure was F.M.S, and his
'feathered ' headdress is made from sheers.
Eyelets punched, and I used buttonhole stitch and 'thonging' to attach it to the board.

Kokopelli was embossed onto metal shim and made into arrowheads. These were made into dangles with a selection of beads, shrink plastic tags and feathers.
Since getting back from my meeting, I have another piece of cotton wool fabric 'cooking', so that I can make a similar one for the Chelmsford E.G exhibition and then my colleague at work can have it.


Julie said...

Excellent piece of work Sharne and I like the embossed metal.

Gina said...

Good to see you and Nickie on Sunday Sharne. I love your Kokopelli figure.