Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Why is it everything takes much longer to do than you think? The curtains I made for my brother were only just finished as I was getting in the car to come back home to Essex. On Monday, my first day to myself since my holiday started, I decided to do my 2nd A.T.C for the swap. F.E.T and Stitch business a textile group in Durham are swapping A.T.C.'s. The first 2 that I made are already up in Durham and I then got back 2, the idea being that in the end we will have 4 A.T.C.'s , 2 made by ourselves and 2 made by 2 others from the Durham group. My theme this time was Mexican colours and markets.

The card I received above.

I have a book on Mexican designs, so I added one to liven my A.T.C up.The A.T.C I received above.

This A.T.C I made was based on Borough Market and the wonderful fish stall there. I really enjoyed making this one, even though it took much longer than I anticipated. I made a list on Monday of all that I was hoping to achieve by today as I am back to work tomorrow, I have failed miserably to meet my targets. What I hadn't bargained for was how much time I was going to spend shopping getting a new suit for Kezzy's Dad's funeral. He died in the very early hours of Boxing Day and the funeral is next Friday. I had to go to Freeport, Braintree to get it, so I just had to go to the Papermill Shop and get a couple of their sketchbooks. Tonight I am going to tackle the 'dangly' as it has to be finished by next Saturday, our next F.E.T meeting.

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