Saturday, 24 January 2009

Does the tax man owe you any money?

If you read my blog and have children born between 1986-2002 you could be entitled to some money from the tax man. You need to look at your tax code and if it ends in H or T you have already had this payment, if not try claiming, you could get as much as £1,000. Just think of all those bills you could pay or textile bits you could buy! To claim this money you need to download a form 11CTC from, I don't use my blog for this type of info usually, but as we all work hard to keep our heads above water, we pay taxes, I thought I would share this with all of you out there. You need to get your claim in quickly as the deadline is 31st January 2009.
What little stitching time I have had this week I have spent on my dangly. The end is in sight, just not sure when. In my original sample I had used a blanket stitch and bead (ala Kemshalls)on the edging of my medallion and intended to do the same on the pyramid. When I blanket stitched my pyramid, the beads wobbled
all over the place, this didn't happen on my sample. I did lots of reverse stitching trying to get them to sit nicely without success.So I have now undone it all and replaced the blanket stitch edging with a beaded picot, it does sit better but still has a slight wobble. I have just got one more side to complete with the picot and then I can carry on joining the medallions together. This one I have been stitching at work in my tea breaks.
I have had an email from Pauline Verrinder last night to say that my class is now fully booked at Textiles in Focus.
As it is soooo cold, I have been doing a few chores before I can start to stitch. I have tackled the huge pile of ironing and I have got some lemon and mustard seed pickle fermenting, and I shall be cooking it up tomorrow. It was my fathers recipe and is lovely in cheese sandwiches! Quick to make too! The longest bit is the fermenting time, but well worth it!

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Thanks Sharne that info has got me rushing for my files to check