Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Back to the hospital-again

I came home from work anticipating getting lots done this evening, only to have my plans fly out the window within minutes of coming through the front door. My daughter was hit in the eye on Saturday with the ring pull on a drinks can, an accident, and had been complaining that it was hurting, she had a small red mark in her eye, but nothing else. Today though, she came home from school complaining that her vision was blurred. After ringing NHS Direct they advised us that as it was her eyes we should go to hospital to get it checked. So back to Basildon Hospital again, twice in one day! Three hours later I am happy to say no damage had been done, it was just a foreign body way down low, almost going behind her eyeball-thank goodness! But needless to say, by the time we had had an evening meal, made ANZAC biscuit mixture for school tomorrow, sorted my brothers invoices, my me-time has passed me by. Never mind ,tomorrow night-fingers crossed!

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