Saturday, 17 January 2009

Fen Edge Textiles

Nickie and I have an early start when we have to go to Cambridge for our Fen Edge Textile meeting, and though it was raining and windy in Essex, as soon as we got to the border of Cambridge the sun came out!
We had a busy day sorting out the final details for Textiles in Focus. Nickie and I are both teaching a 2 hour workshops, AND we have got people who have signed up - a bit scary!!!! I need to go through my notes as it is such a long time since I made my sample and got it o.k'd I need to refresh my memory. The books Nickie and I have been making for the sales table were approved by the group. Everyone got out their A.T.C.'s they have been making for the swap, and they will now be going back to the other group and we will get ours back they have made for us in our March meeting. The rest of the time that was left was looking at our website that Ann has made for us (she has done a really excellent job) and making more items for the sales table. I started making some broaches, I can't post any images as the computer is refusing to upload tonight, so will try again tomorrow. I was also able to take another photo of my A.T.C. in daylight, based on Borough Market's fish stall, so much better than the one I took the other evening. So I will try and post this one as well tomorrow.
Here is the link for Fen Edge Textiles in case you are interested-

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