Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Bury St Edmunds

I finished my lemon and mustard seed chutney Sunday evening- and it tastes good! It only takes 5 large lemons to get this amount of pickle. This will help my credit crunch!

Last night Nickie and I borrowed my hubby's Sat. Nav. and went to Bury St Edmunds to give a talk to a patchwork group, amongst the audience was Annette Morgan- quite daunting, as we have heard her speak on several occasions. We also met up with 'Mrs Sat Nav' A.K.A. Shirley, a lovely lady who we got to know on our two visits to Belstead last year.
Before the talk we were given coffee and biscuits as we had left home at five. What a lovely group of ladies, thank you for being
such a good audience. For the ladies who were asking about the Fen Edge Textiles exhibition at Sutton Hoo and are going to be popping into this blog to find the date,it is June6th-21st, sorry I didn't have the dates with me last night, I suffered a senior moment!
I have had this morning off work as I had to my husband to hospital for a prostrate biopsy- we were there for several hours which enabled me to complete the hand stitching on three more broaches and sew half the picot edge on another medallion. I commented to my hubby, that this was a good way of getting lots of stitching done, and maybe he could do this again next week- he was NOT amused. He is lying downstairs on the couch taking it easy, following doctors orders. ( he does look a bit peaky, I must admit).
I have also had a chance to ring the Courts about my small claims that has been going on since October. I had agreed to go to mediation, but the defendant has not returned some paper work even with a seven day extension, so I now have to get a judgment- bailiff's of freezing of his bank account! The forms will be in the post tonight- I hate filling in forms, especially legal ones!!!
Well must go and feed the patient before I go back to work!

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