Tuesday, 31 October 2017


A beautiful sunrise over St. Ives, and the sea was so calm, that I didn't wake up to the sound of  the waves.

I watched this young man
 paddleboard up to Manshead and then back round to Porthminster beach.
Love the colours and textures.

 Once James and Kezzy had left to go back to Essex, Alan and I set of for Penzance to try the camera shop that was recommended to us in Truro yesterday. Success!! we got the piece of equipment that he needed. Driving around the town, I spotted a wool shop, (Wooly Sue's, very helpful ladies) not that I needed any wool, but it would be rude not to have a look. Lol.
 The Stylecraft Batik wool jumped into my hands and that was all I was going to buy, BUT, the owner was knitting with the Stylecraft Cabaret wool. I have always stayed  clear of wool with sparkle in it, but it looked so nice made up, that I had to get some of that too!  Will let you know how it goes. After a quick lunch it was onto The Minack Theatre, ( an open air Theatre on the edge of a cliff) inspired by a program on the television last night (Coast to Coast).
 Love this variety of passion flower. They have beautiful gardens there with some unusual plants.

We were lucky enough to watch an impromptu Shakespeare rendition by a visitor who was inspired by the atmosphere. 

 We then went to Porthcurno beach. A lovely secluded cove, but I expect it gets very busy in the summer.

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Julie said...

You're making me very envious Sharne. Cornwall is looking very beautiful in your photos.