Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Cornwall- Day 4

 Another morning sunrise, sorry!
 The sea was very still again, 2 days without any waves for the surfers.

Low tide, and had to take photos of boats and reflections.

Lots of turnstones, searching for breakfast around the harbour.  As Alan was meeting someone in Redruth, I spent another morning visiting some more galleries.  I visited the installation of the arts and fishing heritage by Mark Dions,  it is the last day, today. I had a very interesting talk there with lady stewarding. I was lucky enough to be pointed in the direction of the fishing cellar where I saw nets for catching crabs being hitched onto rope, and another interesting talk. Due to the information I was given, I visited the library, never been in it before, and apart from a very good selection of art books they also have pieces of art. 

There are so many little interesting alleyways around the town.

After a very late lunch, (Alan had to try a pasty from the bakers, Philps, who won the competition for the best Cornish pasty.) we went to Hale. I got to see a Kingfisher at last!!!  So chuffed.

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Julie said...

Wow! The kingfisher photos are wonderful. What a treat! I've only ever glimpsed one, once, flying past. I think you've probably got the calmest week ever in St Ives. Enjoy the rest of your stay.