Friday, 27 October 2017

Another little hare.

Last weekend was spent with my mother, we have not taken her shopping for some time and as the weather report was not good for gardening, we went to Milton Keynes, an ideal shopping venue as it is all undercover. As we were leaving, loaded up with bags, we were held up by the drummers and a procession celebrating Diwali.  First time I have ever seen this.

 Sunshine on Sunday, meant we could help mum in the garden,  followed by a walk around the grounds, love the sun shining on the autumn leaves.

 Mahonia normally flowers in January, like some plants in my garden, I think it is a bit confused. I have had a cowslip just finish flowering!
 I have finished my latest carry-around project, another little hare, a present for a friend. What to put in my bag now is the dilemma.
 Work started on our drive Tuesday, it has long needed doing.

Tonight it was almost finished. Very pleased with it too!

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