Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Diversity exhibition, part 2-Burmese peacock.

 With my Indian peacock complete, my son and hubby thought I should make a peacock with his tail displayed.  I checked with Pauline to see if she was ok with this suggestion, to which she said yes, but it had to be different.  Thinking cap on, and a bit of research and I found, the Burmese peacock! 
As you can see in the photo above, I have started to paint his feet/legs.
For the top of his head, I did lots of french knots to give texture.  His side wings are made with a rag rug technique.  His tail feathers were made by fms onto water soluble film over a selection of fabrics.  The challenge with this bird was to attach his tail to the body and how he would stand on his own two feet.  Unfortunately, the weight of his tail could not be supported by his legs, so I used a fine acrylic rod, is name is Tayar Myetsi which is Burmese for 100 eyes.

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