Thursday, 21 February 2013

And I've started...........

Can you tell what it is yet?   I've got back on my sewing machine and started making yet another peacock.  Have been mulling over for some time, how I could make this one different to the other two.  At T.I.F, on Sunday, I heard this fabric calling me to buy it.  This will now take several evenings to stuff, so watch this space. 

As I like to have a couple of projects on the go, so I have always got something to hand stitch, I have started making yet another vessel. Fabric wrapped cord, I use 100% cotton, so that if I want to, I can dye it with my Procion dyes.

1 comment:

Beverley said...

Wondered if you were going to make a white peacock this time?
I have peacock feathers in a pot in my room, colours are gorgeous.