Thursday, 24 March 2011

I can now post a picture of my pennant I have been stitching in my tea breaks at work, now that I know it has arrived safely.  Different fabric, stitched to craft vilene, with lots of hand stitching.

At work this week, I have been making a few more notebooks and sewing in threads on my Che.  There is still a lot more stitching to do, but every time I think I have got a couple of hours free to machine, something crops up.  Last night, it was getting a new  bed for Mitch.  Too big to go in his room, so then spent the evening reorganizing beds and bedrooms.  Today, I have been stitching buttons on the suit I have had to dye   for Rhodri, he is going on a themed Stag weekend in Nottingham on Saturday.
I have been very lucky and had an email to say that I have won a giveaway here.
Another busy weekend coming up!


smarcoux said...

Hi Sharon
Can you tell me when your group has their meetings or I see there are workshops I would love to attend .. see if I cannot get Lynda M to come with me (She lives quite near me


Sharne ... the pennant is gorgeous and beautifully stitched. Adore the flowers and starts and the very pretty subtle tones. Love from a very lucky person x


meant to say "stars"