Tuesday, 1 March 2011

1st March- St. David's Day.

After the workshop I did with Marion Murphy, I knew that the idea could be adapted by Kezzy for her art homework.  She was not very interested.  So, having a yearn to draw some Zentangles, I had a play.
 I used  permanent ink pens to draw the Zentangles, so that the ink did not run when I washed over the drawing with Brusho.  I now need to access the scanner and printer, so this will be put aside for a few days.
 A friend of the family has been out East visiting her family, and she kindly bought back some newspapers for us.
As part of Kezzy's homework, she had to look at Chinese art tigers, this led her to Chinese  paper cutting.  Having found a design and spent hours and hours cutting it out with a scalpel and very small scissors, it was spray mounted on to tissue paper and then onto the Chinese newspaper.
 My first hubby was Welsh, and March 1st meant cooking a batch of Welsh cakes. Not having the time after work to make them, I made Pikeletts instead using his mother's recipe.( another Welsh recipe his mother would make for us when we went to stay with her in Tongwynlais)
They went down very well.  If you fancy making a batch the recipe is as follows ( a request at the weekend for me to include my recipes)
8oz SR flour
2oz butter/marg
2oz sugar
Rub the three ingredients together.  Beat together 2 eggs and add to dry mixture with enough milk to give a thick dropping consistency. Mix a good half teaspoon of bicarb with a drop of warm water and add to mixture. Cook on plank (griddle)  as for drop scones.  Enjoy!!!


hitendudhatra said...

This is very good information. Thanks for sharing.
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dianehobbit said...

Kezzy's work really is excellent. I would like the recipe for the welsh cakes, I love the ones in M&S.

Gina said...

Very impressed with Kezzy's paper cutting. I keep seeing Welshcakes on blogs and now have a yearning to make some!

hitendudhatra said...

It is very good information. Thanks for sharing.
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Miriam Weaver said...

Welsh cakes are fantastic, a lady in one of the classes I go to makes them for st David's day. No class this week so I'll be eating them next week I expect (hope)! I might give the pikeletts a go instead of pancakes this year.
Kessy's art work is great, hope her teacher is impressed with all her hard work.