Sunday, 6 March 2011

A bit of shopping.

I was asked to deliver something to Denise at Craft Arena.  Not a problem, any excuse to visit, although it always costs me! LOL  Apart from some calico whick I need for next Saturday's meeting of FET and some Stitch'n' Tear  for Che, I also bought the latest CPS and yet another reel of Hemmingworth, just love using that thread.
As I have mentioned before, my camera is palying up.  I dropped it at and EG meeting and part of the catch on the battery cover broke.  So I decided to pop into Curry's to see if they could get it mended.  I was told that it would be cheaper to but a new camera, so I did!  There was a very good deal on the Lumix, which I have heard is a good make.  My SIL  and family popped round and was just in time to set it up for me.
So, apart from cooking, I have been getting used to all the functions on the camera.
I have started on my bookcover, just waiting for paint to dry.  Should have something to show tomorrow I hope.


Jill said...

Looking forward to your book covers! Make use of that new camera!

Minxy said...

I have a panasonic lumix and i'm still trying to get my head around all the functions a year or so later lol